Every year more and more Chinese companies become world-famous due to the high quality of their products and innovative approach. The StoneFloor Group is no exception. We make high-quality floorings that meet the hardest international requirements of quality and human safety. It’s not easy to believe until you see it with your own eyes, but StoneFloor “Made in China quality” is always double more interesting when the price is more affordable.

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"High quality is not achieved casually, it is always the result of meaningful efforts".

Mingzhu Zhao, leading expert of QC department

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We invite companies to long-term cooperation on the basis of trust relationships and a high level of quality of products. We welcome the brand-agent partnership and supply products under own StoneFloor® brand.

Notice please: we offer special shipping conditions for buyers from Pakistan, India, South Korea and Taiwan to implement StoneFloor-2020 development plan.

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