Wood collection collection

If your floor covering is afraid of scratches, swells of water, is easily erased and cracks of the air misture variations, then it is time to consider SPC StoneFloor laminate. The best and universal choice for all kinds of home areas, including kitchens, bathrooms and the only choice for the houses with no regular heating available.

Unlike parquet, laminate floorings and tiles, StoneFloor SPC laminate has absolutely unique benefits that make people call it a revolution floor covering. This 100 % water resistant floor is not afraid of stains and spilled liquid. Having a high threshold of durability, SPC laminate is a really quiet floor, which unlike other hard board floorings such as tiles and laminate, muffles the sound of falling objects and steps. Gorgeous wood designs StoneFloor offers in its Wood Collection will allow you to make in your home the floors that will satisfy all the requirements of modern premises.

Bardolino Oak

Canyon Oak

Oak American

Oak Browny

Oak Highland

Oak Loft

Oak Moonlight

Oak Rustic

Oak Silver

Oak Spanish

Oak Summer Forest

Oak Sunshine

Oak Swedish

Oak Winter Forest

Red River Pine

Stonehenge Oak

Terra Oak

Vestern Oak

Oak Ancient

Oak Deepgery

Oak Greylake

Oak Greyland

Oak Natural

Oak Provance

Oak Redwood

Oak Romance

Oak Siberian

Oak Southern

Oak Timeless


Over 500 patterns to choose

Reflecting the trends of the modern interior styling, StoneFloor Design Lab every year starts with a new collection of colors and textures, bringing the authentic character of timber and tile into your home.

Strong & Durable

StoneFloor SPC laminate covering is the next gereration of home flooring. Most professionals all over the world declare, SPC laminate due to its properties is going to substitute other kinds like traditional tile, parquet and LVT.


StoneFloor factory has modern high-tech equipment and professional staff. Due to the full production cycle, we can produce over 500,000 square meters monthly. The geography of deliveries of our SPC expands, including all continents of the globe.