Integrated sound-absorbing underlay for StoneFloor SPC rigid floors

Our production never stands still, and skilled technologists are working really hard to make our products become more and more perfect. We launched the SPC laminate production lines one of the first in the world in 2016, and today are proud to announce being also one of the first ones to integrate a sound absorbing underlay for easier installation and better sound insulation. Now you can place orders with or without the integrated 1 or 1.5 mm underlay option.

Please note that with the sound absorbing 1 mm underlay laminate SPS Stone Floor does not require any additional funds for the arrangement of the subfloor. It is as just easy as to count one-two-three: unpack, install, fix the skirtings and enjoy living on the StoneFloors.

Recommend you to watch the introductory video from our company and send enquiries for placing new orders for SPC laminate with 1 or 1.5 mm sound-absorbing underlay that will make your customers home quiet and very cozy.