New herringbone collection

At the beginning of 2022, we are pleased to offer you a new spc laminate floor collection, called English Herringbone.

Made in China-2025 program

We are pleased to inform you that management of StoneFloor company has decided to participate in  the state Chinese program “Made in China-2025” for advanced quality of consumer goods. In fact, only those companies and manufacturers whose products meet and even exceed the highest international safety and quality requirements can do participate in the “Made in China-2025” project.

Integrated sound-absorbing underlay for StoneFloor SPC rigid floors

Our production never stands still, and skilled technologists are working really hard to make our products become more and more perfect. We launched the SPC laminate production lines one of the first in the world in 2016, and today are proud to announce being also one of the first ones to integrate a sound absorbing underlay for easier installation and better sound insulation. Now you can place orders with or without the integrated 1 or 1.5 mm underlay option.

StoneFloor new logo

The year of 2017 was a year of constant changes and hich-tech innovations in our company. The changes affected many things and not only putting new production lines into service and the development of water-resistant laminate and SPC laminate, but as well as the visual design upgrade of our products. In March 2017, the marketing department of StoneFloor production has rebranded the trademark. As the result of the update, we have a new website and new logos. For our regular customers we offer to replace the previous logos with new ones, download images in high resolution here.