StoneFloor SPC laminate

StoneFloor SPC Rigid floor—StoneFloorTM is the next evolution in hard board flooring. With advanced printing and texturing technologies, StoneFloor is the best-looking, best-performing PVC laminate floor in the market.

Each product of StoneFloor provides a broad range of natural designs, from realistic wood grains to elegant stones and rustic slates - choose the one that suits your lifestyle and your home.

What is SPC laminate?

SPC (rigid core laminate) stands for Stone Plastic Composite and is an upgrade and improvement of luxury vinyl flooring (LVT flooring) and laminate flooring. SPC, international experts say, is going to be the leading product of our coming future. SPC combines the strength of stone and the beauty of wood and is the only solution suitable for all areas of your home decoration.

SPC laminate determinative advantages are good dimension stability, high peel strength, little noise when walking on, no warping, no distortion, 100% waterproof, heat and sound insulation, eco-friendly rigid floor, no harmful emission and ecologically pure. SEE THE LIST OF SPC ADVANTAGES

SPC construction

Laminate in section


With a keen business sense, StoneFloor devoted considerable human and material resources into composite flooring three years ago, in 2015, which is now known as SPC laminate rigid flooring. Due to advanced technology, service concept, and sophisticated production, StoneFloor has become nowadays the most developed manufacturer of SPC laminate in China.

StoneFloor imported Germany original equipment’s, strictly abides to the international production process standards as below, to ensure the most advanced extrusion, and calendaring technology. Our products participate in Chinese federal program MADE IN CHINA 2025 for the advanced consumer characteristics.


Waterproof and damp-proof


As the main component of SPC flooring is stone power, so it performs well with water, and mildew will not happen with high humidity. You can install the flooring in all areas of your home including bathrooms and toilets.



According to the authorities, 95% of the victims get suffered in the fire caused of the toxic fumes and gases. The fire rating of SPC vinyl flooring is NFPA CLASS B. Flame retardant, not spontaneous combustion, leave the flame automatic out in 5 seconds, does not produce toxic of harmful gases.

Formaldehyde, heavy Metal, lead salt free


StoneFloor SPC core laminate flooring is made of high quality stone power & PVC resin without harmful material such as benzene, formaldehyde, heavy metal. The Stabilizer of StoneFloor SPC flooring is calcium zinc with no lead salt heavy metal.

Dimensional Stability


StoneFloor SPC flooring can bear the temperature difference from -75℃ to 80℃. The dimensional stability is brilliant. The shrinkage ≤ 0.002%, curling≤0.2mm with EN434 standard. It means StoneFloor SPC can be installed even in households with no heating available without the crack defects appearing.

High Abrasion


SPC laminate flooring has a transparent wear-resisting layer, whose revolution is up and higher than 10000 turns. The high abrasion parameter makes StoneFloor SPC laminate possible to exploit in commercial areas such as fitness rooms, shopping areas, offices etc.

Superfine slipperiness


SPC flooring has special skid resistance and wear-resisting layer of the surface. Compared with common floors, StoneFloor SPC laminate has higher friction when it's covered with moisture. Thus, SPC is absolutely safe in bathrooms and recommended for elderly people.

Subfloor low requirements


Compared to other floorings, SPC laminate has a distinct advantage because of its rigid core, which can hide many imperfections of subfloor. Permissible variation is only 2 mm by 2 meters or 3 mm by 5 meters. It is as just easy for installation as laminate click floors. In addition, you can pave it directly onto the original tile and the floor. You don’t need to knock off the old tiles and remove parquet floorings.

Deep beveled painted groove


Only a few producers can offer a deep beveled painted groove, which gives the perfect authenticable look of wooden and stone floor. StoneFloor offers over 500 colors to choose in different sizes and parameters including the long ones for 1850 mm length.

Sound reduction


SPC laminate is the kind of quiet flooring. It is double quite than traditional laminate floors because of the used integrated rebound technology layer. Thus, StoneFloor is very flexible and resilient. Use the optional cork underlayment to enhance the silence effect.