StoneFloor laminate

We believe ideas recharge our life. Even one idea is a stroke of genius, a source of inspiration. Ideas are shapeless, yet they determine spatial design.

The idea behind laminate flooring from StoneFloor is to redefine your home. Designs that create new feelings. From play areas and large stages to quiet areas of relaxation. Classic or modern, sophisticated or relaxed. It is the composition that inspires and encourages the reinvention of a personal world. After all, it is always the idea that recharges.


Over 500 patterns to choose

Reflecting the trends of the modern interior styling, StoneFloor Design Lab every year starts with a new collection of colors and textures, bringing the authentic character of timber into your home.

Strong & Durable

Strong enough to endure even under the pressure of light traffic commercial use, your StoneFloor laminate floors will perform for decades.

We make extra long planks

Designed in a longer format, the 2.2m long planks can reinvigorate existing spaces or be the crowning feature of a new development. Contact your manager to get the details.

b 30 yearb direct sunlightb long plankb low maintenanceb real wood feelb stable construction

StoneFloor presents thousands of different colors and patterns of laminate flooring, a lot of which designed by ourselves. We export to more than 50 countries and regions with a monthly capacity of over 800 containers for laminate and 300 for SPC laminate floorings. Our floorings participate in MADE IN CHINA-2025 programme for advanced consumer qualities and are one of the best on the internal chinese market.

To make you introduced with our premium quality and interested in further cooperation we offer a special service of sending samples and our detailed catalogues to you. You can choose product specification and properties you want and our sales managers will offer you the best price. Please do not hesitate to contact us right now or make an order for samples via EMS service.