Super Long Laminate

Really good news - Super Long Laminate start production

StoneFloor will supply the 1386mm length European size laminate wood flooring. In January of 2018, a new hot pressing machine was assembled in the laminate flooring workshop of StoneFloor, and will be in use from March of 2018. The length of the new hot pressing machine is 2800mm length, which means StoneFloor is able to produce the 1386mm length European size laminate flooring.

euro laminat

In China, there are many difficulties for producing the 1386mm length laminate boards:

1) Machine difficulty:

Almost all hot press machines of laminate flooring in China factories are of standard size, which is 2400mm length. In order to producing the 1386 mm length laminate flooring, we have to discuss with the hot-press machine factories to custom-made the special 2800mm length machine, and it is more expensive.

2) HDF difficulty:

The standard size of HDF boards in China is 2400mm length, which all HDF factories are producing, it is almost impossible to buy the 2800 mm length HDF boards in China. Fortunately, StoneFloor has the own HDF factory which can produce the 2800mm length HDF boards by ourselves.

3) Color paper difficulty:

The 1386mm length laminate flooring require longer wood texture design color papers, but almost all color papers in China is only 1200 mm in wood texture design. We have made and ordered new plate cylinder of color papers with color-paper factory for the long wood texture design color papers.

From 2018, StoneFloor will be the only one to supply the 1386mm length European size laminate flooring in north of China.

For any requirement of 1380mm length European size laminate flooring, welcome to contact with StoneFloor.