Floor industry design-2017


In October 2016, a meeting of designers of several large manufacturing companies (Canada, USA, China) was held in Cleveland (USA). At the close meeting were deliberated the trends and needs of the consumer market, current trend colors and new products of furniture market. StoneFloor was represented by our TOP senior designer - Melissa Wang.

The color research by Panton Institute became the hot question to confer. As you probably know, every year, the Pantone color Institute conducts the special research, as a result of which the company presents a palette of the most relevant shades of the coming year, as well as the main color of the year. The company makes such forecasts based on social and cultural changes in society, as well as trends in the use of a particular shade in various forms of art and, in particular, in fashion. The color of the year is determined after a secret meeting of representatives of various national color groups in one of the European capitals. The selection of the Pantone Commission is published in the special Pantone View manual, which is purchased by designers, florists and many other consumer-oriented companies.

The StoneFloor company believes that design is the first thing to care in flooring production. We carefully explore the market, studying new techniques and new color trends in the global world of design and interior. Based on the assembled analytical data, every year our Design Lab creates new floor covering designs to make you feel again and again - YOUR HEART IS WHERE YOUR HOME IS.