Someone will say "Design is simple, it's like reinventing the wheel. There can’t be anything complicated in it ". But does it work this way? Our designer, Melissa Wang, has been creating new textures and designs for our floorings for over 10 years. And you should believe, it's not that easy.

Melissa Wang, 16 years design experience

Melissa Wang, 16 years design experience

“Sometimes it takes me weeks or even months to come up with something new. I live, move, contemplate, but nothing happens. Then suddenly and unexpectedly a thought comes. I throw it away first, but it comes back. Then it acquires details, images and finally, I see the interior. Exquisite and simple, comfortable and ergonomic. So, the new design of a new floor covering is born.

To be in constant search, it is necessary that the brain is constantly getting new input. I travel a lot, always present at exhibitions that take place in China and in which our company takes part abroad. Most of all, of course, stimulate the exhibition. You always see how someone goes forward and it stimulates not to stop and move on. I want to overtake and be the first. The motto of being the first – this is what you are expected to see in my design”.

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